The road is long, and possibly winding, but has nothing to do with the Beatles

“What catapulted you onto the professional path you’re on now?” That’s the question posed by a coworker. After some consideration, I can say with confidence that (a) no catapults were involved, and (b) being a huge nerd got me where I am.

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If You Can’t Tell What The Service Is Selling, It’s You

EdSurge nails the lede, but sort of misses the point. The overall tone of the piece is vague surprise that free services apparently can’t be trusted with user data. Like the post title says, if the service is free, and you can’t tell what they’re selling to monetize it…the product is you. Your eyeballs. Your […]

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VR Mapping

For the last few days, I’ve been reading about and tinkering with White and Le Cornu’s ideas of VR mapping. This is the idea that Internet users can be differentiated along continuum between those who are essentially quick-hit, one-and-done task-based users of the Internet and those who are actively socially engaged. As a contrast to Prensky’s dubious […]

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